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HistroTech is on a mission to record, preserve, and exhibit the history of melanated people.


Connecting culture, community, and technology, so that our history will not be forgotten.

Core Beliefs

HistroTech believes that each family has a rich history, legacy and values that must be preserved & easily accessible to both current & future generations. 

Main Objectives

HistroTech Inc. provides education, training, group workshops, public events, and referrals to community resources, for African American families.

We have a multi-layered structure that bridges the gap between history & technology, while promoting intergenerational dialogue, community-based preservation & self-empowerment.

Through the advent of searchable public databases that contain personalized family stories & virtual memories, melanated families can accurately connect their past, present & future, while preserving the diversity & resiliency of melanated people throughout the diaspora. 


Our Goals

  • To teach melanated families the value of preserving & self-recording their family legacy 

  • To bridge generational gaps & increase historical knowledge in melanated families through cross-generational dialogue, and interactive exercises

  • To advance family connectedness, promote intergenerational dialogue, & preserve melanated peoples' history through the use of technology

  • To activate the self-sustaining potential of melanated culture & legacy.

  • To use technology as a vehicle to illustrate the critical role played by melanated peoples in the development & growth of civilization

  • To equip families with the self-empowerment tools, resources, training & education necessary to nurture their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being

  • To collaborate with other community-based agencies, businesses, and service providers to increase melanated families access to necessary services & resources.

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