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Vital Evolutionary Technolgies...


"Preserving History Through Art, Science & Technology"

  • At HistroTech we believe that generational wealth goes far beyond securing financial instruments for future generations. We believe that generational wealth also means preserving our rich cultural history and ancestry through precise record keeping that utilizes technology & innovation to properly and accurately store our history into a database known as a blockchain. Blockchains are both trust-less & immutable.

  •  A blockchain is multi-functional, and precise recording of data is one of its many functions. A blockchain is both a trust-less & immutable database that can house & secure invaluable data such as your family roots & ancestry, as well as our rich history and anything for that matter. 

  • Trust-less means that it doesn’t require trust to function. The trust layer is built within the blockchain which eliminates the need for any third party intermediaries. This is a key element to decentralization, which takes control & power out of the hands of the few and places it into the hands of the many. This innovative technology allows everyday people to become empowered through how they go about storing their own data, and HistroTech places itself at the forefront of this fourth industrial revolution. The use case for such an evolutionary technology became quite apparent to the founder Dr.Lord Ajmer when he first became familiarized with the technology.  

  • Immutable means once the data is stored onto a blockchain, it cannot be altered, changed or manipulated. The data you store becomes a permanent part of that blockchain that can be located via a search function by anyone with internet access.

  • The reason why this matters is because there has been accounts where our rich cultural history has been altered & Europeanized in order to fulfill an agenda that fuels institutional racism and diminishes the role that Melanated peoples have played in the seeding of modern civilization as well as the sophistication of our European counterparts. 

  • Much of this history has been completely & purposefully eradicated from the educational system, history books, media & public in order to undermine the brilliance & influence melanated people had on not only humanizing Europeans, but being the primary contributor to the advancement & evolution of the human species. 

  • I’m sure by now you can understand just why the work we are doing here at HistroTech is so vitally imperative, and why it matters. Crimes against humanity and atrocities of this scale must be eliminated once and for all, and the best way for us to go about remedying such a feat is by becoming proactive when it comes to properly recording and storing our ancestral roots both accurately & securely.  


Why is this Relevant?

  •  Melanated peoples throughout the Diaspora and our children have been done a major injustice through this omission of our contribution to humankind, and we as well as all people of all backgrounds & cultures deserve to know the truth, and perhaps in knowing this truth we can help to eradicate racism & prejudice attitudes and assist the human family through uniting as a whole. HistroTech has a viable solution to this problem. Through utilizing emerging technologies such as blockchain, web 3, VR and more we can resolve these injustices, and prevent them from transpiring again in the future.

  • We would also like to state that there is only one race of people that occupy Earth at this time, and that is the human race. We are a human family, that comes in a diverse variety of characteristics & properties based on our cultural experiences & geographical locations. HistroTech isn’t limited to just one culture, this evolutionary technology can be utilized by all people everywhere, so that they too can preserve their rich ancestry in an accurate manner. 

HistroTech was built to scale & has the ability to morph into something quite evolutionary in nature through branching into many areas of life, as well as spark human evolutioningenuity. With the security of accurately storing factual information & historical accounts, all people can have the strength to fulfill their destiny & contribute to humanity in a meaningful way, in confidence, and without having to worry about someone taking credit for their contributions accomplishments

  • We plan on eventually merging HistroTech with virtual worlds, digital transformation, augmented reality, and web 3 to birth the HistroVerse. The HistroVerse will enable an entirely new way of honoring & preserving our ancestral roots while also being able experience the great feats that our ancestors accomplished in real time through HistoTime travel, thus enabling us to witness the magnificence of our ancestors in action firsthand. We will also be able to travel to the future via the HistroVerse, through immersive virtual storytelling & predictions.

  • With HistroTech, HistroVerse,,HistroTime & HistroLearn  there really is no limit to what we can achieve. 


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